Hertford Astronomy Group

HAG is coming Home!

Having gradually drifted away from its origins due to its ever expanding membership the Hertford Astronomy Group  is coming back to Hertford - well almost.

Having outgrown a number of premises over the years we are again in the position that we need larger accommodation and we have found it at Haileybury School in Hertford Heath.  The school have made the Attlee Room available for us to hold our meetings in for the forthcoming year.  This is in the building with the large dome on the top so is easy to find.  Spacious accommodation, easy parking and good observation opportunities will make this an ideal venue for our meetings.

We look forward to seeing you there!

2014-15 Programme

September 10
8:00 Roger o'Brien
The growth and development of the cosmos
February 11
8:00 Marcus Allen
Lunar conspiracy theories
October 8
8:00 Stephen Tonkin
Binocular Astronomy
March 11
8:00 Ourselves
Observation Session
The Hyades, Pleiades, the Orion nebula and Jupiter
November 12
8:00 Roger O'Brien
Observation Session
Finding your way around the sky with and without a telescope. Star hopping.
April 8
8:00 Chris Woolston
Astronomy since Copernicus
December 10
8:00 Mark Gallaway
Optical's evil twin - Radio Astronomy!
May 13
8:00 AGM followed by
Jerry Stone
The Challeges of the near and distant future of Human Space Exploration
January 14 2014 - Stargazing Live
7:00 Workshop  sessions
June 10
8:00 Carla Natario (tbc)
Star formation in our Galaxy

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Herts and South Beds Federation Day School

Day School

The Great Cosmos Mystery

Paul Ranford

To be held on Saturday 27th September 2014

at St Martins PCC, St Martins Road, Knebworth SG3 6ER

Register and coffee from 9.45 to 10.25am: tea and depart 3:30pm

Lunch from 1:00 to 2:00pm. Please bring your own

Dr Carolin Crawford’s visit May 2014