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2015-16 Programme

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What happens at our meetings?

Doors open at 7:30 for the meeting due to start at 8:00 but several club members and friends gather before this to have a drink and chat in the bar.

Following welcome announcements we have a guest speaker who speaks on the subject of the evening for about 45 - 60 minutes.  This is followed by questions relating to the talk.

Announcements about forthcoming events follow.

You can then choose from the following activities:

  1. If the weather is clear telescopes and binoculars brought by members are set up outside for some observation.  Members doing so will be pleased to share their scopes with others.
  2. If you need help with some equipment then now is your chance to bring it in.  Others in our club will be more than willing to help you .  Don’t be shy, we get just as excited about a telescope bought at the charity shop for £20 as we do one costing many times more.
  3. Just socialise with others - about anything!

We look forward to seeing you.

June 8th  8:00pm

Pikonic - Disruptive Technologies

Mark Wrigley

8:00 - 10:00pm

Doors open at 7:30 although the bar is open earlier for a drink or meal.


Meetings held at:

Fairway Tavern

Panshanger Golf Complex

Old Herns Lane,

Welwyn Garden City,



Tel:01707 336007

9 September 2015  

 Roger O'Brien  

 25 Years of the Hubble Space Telescope  


14 October 2015  

Elias Brinks  

Unveiling the invisible sky: the power of  radio astronomy   


11 November 2015  

 Matthew Page

 UVOT - Catching Gamma Ray Bursts on the  Fly  

 9 December 2015  

 Jim Hough  



13 January 2016  

 Dave Eagle  


10 February 2016  

 Jack Martin  

 Stellar Spectroscopy  


9 March 2016  

 Rae Walter  

 Tycho Brahe  


13 April 2016  

 Steve Fossey  

 Finding a Super Nova!  


11 May 2016  

 Bill Martin  

 Astro Biology Little Green Things-Detecting  Life on Earth and Exoplanets  


8 June 2016  

 Mark Wrigley  

 Pikonic - Disruptive Technologies  

"Once a physicist, always a physicist" - Mark Wrigley graduated in physics in the 1970s in the days when "coding" came on punch cards and pocket calculators were an expensive luxury. His career has encompassed sales, marketing and product management in fields as diverse as mobile communication infrastructure and optical gas turbine blade temperature measurement. He is now semi-retired, a Council Member of the Institute of Physics and runs his own company "Alternative- Photonics", which works to democratise science and technology.

PiKon: The Disruptive Technology Telescope

The PiKon telescope is an astro-cam which uses 3-D printed components and a Raspberry Pi camera to capture astronomical images. The programmable telescope sets the foundation for a community of coders who want to develop their own astronomical and imaging software. The project was devised to demonstrate the impact of disruptive technology for schools, makers, enthusiasts and individuals. The initial phase of the project was able to deliver a prototype telescope at a target cost of £100. The PiKon project was initially funded by the University of Sheffield’s “Festival of the Mind” and Alternative- Photonics, a small scientific consultancy company in North Sheffield. In this lecture I will tell the story of the project to date and describe how you can get involved.

Eclipse of the Sun 2017

One of our members has brought this to our attention in case you might want to think about going to the USA to watch the eclipse.  Details of an organised trip can be found at http://eclipseofthecentury.com/

Please note that we are not endorsing this venture but merely passing on information

What else is going on that might be of interest to you?

Institute of Physics Lectures University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Dates for your diary for 2016-17 series:

2016 October 5, November 9, December 7,

2017 January 25, February 22 (joint meeting with the Institute of Measurement and Control),

March 29, April 26 and May 31.​


Woolsthorpe Manor Visit - June 25 2016

A great day out to this historic site.  Thanks for organising it Jerry.

At the recent committee meeting we discussed a number of venues for other trips for the future, and more details will be sent out in due course.