Hertford Astronomy Group

2014-15 Programme

September 10
8:00 Roger O'Brien
The growth and development of the cosmos
February 11
8:00 Marcus Allen
Lunar conspiracy theories
October 8
8:00 Chris Woolston
Astronomy since Copernicus
March 11
8:00 Alan Davies
Atmospherics optics due to solar radiation in the visible part of the spectrum
Stargazing Live – Observing session
Forthcoming solar eclipse.
2015 is the 'Year of light'
November 12
8:00 Roger O'Brien and others
Observation Session
Finding your way around the sky with and without a telescope. Star hopping, setting circles and collimation.
April 8
8:00 Stephen Tonkin
Binocular Astronomy
December 10
8:00 Elias Brinks
Unveiling the invisible sky: the power of radio astronomy
May 13
8:00 AGM followed by
Jerry Stone
Is Pluto a Planet?
January 14 2015 Observation Session - The Hyades,
Pleiades, the Orion Nebula & Jupiter.
Talks if cloudy.
June 10
8:00 Carla Natario
Star formation in our Galaxy

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Past, Present and Future Events

What else is going on that might be of interest to you?

Bayfordbury Open Evenings

The next one is scheduled for 27th February 2015

Booking is already open so if you want to come along here is a link.

Institute of Physics Lectures University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Some lessons from Buncefield


Colin Howard

Lindop Building

College Lane


Wednesday, February 25 at 7:00pm

Free to attend but as a courtesy drop Diane Crann a note to say you would like to attend.

Meetings held at:

Welwyn Garden City Golf Club


High Oaks Road

Welwyn Garden City



February 11

8:00 Marcus Allen

Lunar conspiracy theories

Possible Anomalies in the Apollo Lunar Surface Images

The Apollo Moon Landings took place 43 years ago.  While the world has moved on to other matters, and the drama of the event has somewhat dimmed, the Hasselblad images from the various EVAs remain as the definitive testimony to Man’s first steps on another planet.  With the advances made in technology over the intervening years it has become possible to take a fresh and analytical look at this aspect of the Apollo photographic record.  Disconcertingly many photos have been found to contain inconsistencies, anomalies and unexplained details.

Marcus Allen trained as a photographer in London in the 1960s when he became familiar with Hasselblad cameras.  He will be presenting a selection of anomalies that have been found in the Apollo lunar surface images.  He undertakes not to put forward any personal views or conclusions regarding these findings.  The presentation can then be followed by a full discussion.


Marcus Allen now lives in Sussex where he finds the time to publish an International magazine while pursuing his interest in photography and a garden rapidly escaping his control.

Physical Sciences and Astronomy: a matter of scale

February 15 2015

Ideas invited

It is around this time of year that we start thinking about next year’s programme.  If you have any special requests that you would like us to consider then please complete the form and send it over.

What is an Aurora?

What causes It?

What do we know about the Aurora?

Can we see any from the UK?