Hertford Astronomy Group

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Meetings held at:

Fairway Tavern

Panshanger Golf Complex

Old Herns Lane,

Welwyn Garden City,



Tel:01707 336007

What happens at our meetings?

Doors open at 7:30 for the meeting due to start at 8:00 but several club members and friends gather before this to have a drink and chat in the bar.

Following welcome announcements we have a guest speaker who speaks on the subject of the evening for about 45 - 60 minutes.  This is followed by questions relating to the talk.

Announcements about forthcoming events follow.

You can then choose from the following activities:

  1. If the weather is clear telescopes and binoculars brought by members are set up outside for some observation.  Members doing so will be pleased to share their scopes with others.
  2. If you need help with some equipment then now is your chance to bring it in.  Others in our club will be more than willing to help you .  Don’t be shy, we get just as excited about a telescope bought at the charity shop for £20 as we do one costing many times more.
  3. Just socialise with others - about anything!

We look forward to seeing you.

Earlier this year, Hertford Astronomy Group  members visited Woolsthorpe Manor - the home of Sir Isaac Newton, where he formulated his theory of gravity and carried out research into optics.

“Sir Isaac Remembers” is a one-man show that is both informative and entertaining in which Mike Edmunds takes on the role of Newton.  As he sorts through letters, he offers thoughts on his life, and his science, including his lesser-known studies in alchemy and religion.

November 9th 8:00pm

“Sir Isaac Remembers …”

Dr Mike Edmunds

Mike Edmunds is Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Cardiff University and former Head of the School of Physics and Astronomy. He was educated at Cambridge, but has lived and worked in Wales for over 35 years. His main research career involved the determination and interpretation of the abundances of the chemical elements in the Universe, and investigation of the origin of interstellar dust. Later work has partly focused on the history of astronomy, and on Science in Society activity. Mike is Chair the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project, Chair of the Astronomical Heritage Committee of the Royal Astronomical Society, a former member of two UK Research Councils (the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council and the Science and Technology Facilities Council).

2016-17 Programme

14 September 2016  

Roger O'Brien  

Gravity Waves


12 October 2016  

Stephen Lewis

The perils of Landing on Mars


9 November 2016  

Mike Edmunds

“Sir Isaac Remembers ...”  

14 December 2016  

Paul Money

Images of the Universe Part 1


11 January 2017  

Dave Eagle  

Piazzi Smyth and his High Altitude Tenerife Observatory  

8 February 2017  

Cathie Clarke

Proto-Planetary Disks and Planet Formation


8 March 2017  

 Derek McNally

 60 Years of Astronomy  


12 April 2017  

Jerry Stone  

The Next 50 years in Space  


10 May 2017  

Sarah Hutton

Galaxy Quest



14 June 2017  

Robin Scagell  


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Bayfordbury Observatory Open Evenings

11 November 2016

9 December 2016

13 January 2017

3 February 2017

3 March 2017

Institute of Physics Lectures University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield


 The Antikythera Mechanism


Paul Ranford  

 Lindop Building

College Lane Campus, Hatfield

Wednesday 9th November  2016 at 7.00pm

Free to attend but as a courtesy please email Diane to let her know of your intention to attend.

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