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Our group grew from an evening class for beginners in astronomy that was run at a local secondary scolol and led by Roger O’Brien. Many of us enjoyed the class so much that we wanted to develop our new found interest and hence the group formed. The members of the group come from many varied backgrounds and, apart from Roger, none of us are experts.

We were saddened when the evening class finished but one of our group found that the cricket pavilion nearby was available for hire and so we grasped the opportunity to meet there. From September 2009 we moved our meetings to the Scout Hut in Letty Green which accommodated the increase in numbers that we have achieved.  We continued increasing in numbers and yet again outgrown our accommodation and from September 2014 we are moving to to new premises.

At an observing evening, we help each other find our way around the night sky looking at constellations, planets and notable stars. We try to find some of the “fuzzy blobs” which could be galaxies or a nebula.

Special trips, like our recent one to the Bayfordbury Observatory are also arranged.

We try to provide warm drinks for cold evenings!

A bit about ourselves

Hello and welcome to the Hertford Astronomy Group and the exciting field of astronomy.

Whether you are familiar with the night sky or have just looked up and wondered what there is beyond our planet then we are sure that you will be interested in our activities.

We are a group that formed because we are interested in astronomy and we want to learn more.

Our group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month throughout the year (except July & August).

At our meetings we arrange to have a speaker come and talk to us for about an hour and then follow this with an observation session if the sky is clear.  You can come along and share members’ equipment or bring your own.  You can even bring your own along for a bit of tlc if it needs repair or adjusting and our members will be happy to help you get the best from it.  Don’t worry about it being ‘good enough’ - we all had to start somewhere even if it was with a pair of Barbie binoculars!

As well as our regular group meetings we do lots of other things too.  We get invited to the regular open evenings at the Bayfordbury Observatory where we can set ourselves up to show visitors what can be achieved with back garden astronomy.

We also have some equipment you can borrow so that you can develop your interests - members only though.

Another feature of belonging to our group is that we get invitations to go to the Institute of Physics lectures at the University in Hatfield - all free!

We are also available to visit schools, scout and guide groups to give talks and demonstrations about astronomy and related topics - contact our Publicity and Outreach Officer for details.

This year we have an exciting programme in store for you with some very notable speakers lined up.

So, we hope to see you at one of our meetings and that you enjoy our company so much that you will want to come again.

Welcome to the Hertford Astronomy Group