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Members Photos

C/2014 E2 (Jacques)

Date taken 24/08/2014.

These were 2 min exposures with 2 min gap between each exposure a total of 15 exposures added together to make movie so distance travelled is 1hr

I think that’s right if my maths are right  film speed was 1600.

Pleaides 12 frames at 1600 iso 180sec long exposures Canon 1100 28/12/14.

The two of Jupiter 200 frames taken with zwo asi 120mc camera,

Crab Nebula 7 frames at 1600 iso 180 sec exposures with Canon 1100 28/12/2014,

Horsehead single frame at 3200 iso 600 sec exposure taken with Canon 1100 27/12/2014,

M81-82 iso 1600 12 exposures at 120 sec Canon 1100 24/12/2014.

March 2015

5 pics stacked of the moon 2000th of a second at 400 asa

Chris Miles

November 2016