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HAG members are from varied backgrounds. Photography is a past time exercised by certain members mostly in isolation from each other. The intention of this group is to share knowledge of the subject with fellow enthusiasts, with and without telescopes

Members are at varying levels of photography, from not tried a photograph complete novice, to those who are actively producing results.

To help particularly experienced members, Photographic Workshops can be arranged with outside sources to expand knowledge, this may spur on novice members to move up the ladder.

My hope is to allow members to share and advise experiences to each other to promote understanding of this vast and varied subject.


Denis O'Shea

Hertford Astronomy Group

Astrophotography Section



Presentation by

Paul Money


Wednesday 3 May 2017


Stanboroughs Conservative Club

Stanboroughs Court

Conduit Lane


Hertfordshire, EN11 8EP.

Time 8:00 pm Free to HAGAS members.  Current HAG members can come but we would appreciate them becoming a HAGAS member (free) so that we can monitor numbers for accommodation purposes.

Car parking is limited, alternative parking in Sainsbury’s car park.

Bar facilities are available at the SC Club.

Please remember to bring your current membership card and lanyard for staff identification.


Please email YES I will be there, or NO to:

Martin Weston

HAGAS 5 Reply

The booklet below can be obtained through FAS, as members we can purchase for £1.00 each.

ALL FAS BOOKLETS £1 +P&P each for members, £2 +P&P for non-members


If required please advise Tony Challoner who will make a group application to FAS.

As individually you would need email & password details.


Email Tony


The Sky at Night also have a very good publication available at newsagents now £7.99 each.




Photographing the Night Sky

The Stargazer’s Starter Guide To

Photographing the Night Sky

 “So you have been thumbing through the magazines and surfing the Internet and been blown away by images from The Hubble Space telescope and other sources. You now want to produce images like these. Well, the simple answer is – you can’t, unless you have the wherewithall to send your own telescope up into space. However, don’t let that put you off, because even with quite simple equipment very good photographs of celestial objects can be achieved.”


ALL FAS BOOKLETS £1 +P&P each for members, £2 +P&P for non-members

If you wish to purchase any FAS publications then you can do this via our online ordering system. This allows you to pay online (via Paypal and all major cards) and via cheque. FAS member societies will need their MARS credentials for the discount prices.