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Members Photos

Michael Bennett

Many of them were taken down in Cornwall at Caradon Observatory on the 31st August and 1st September, I was very lucky with the weather. I used a borrowed modded Canon 100D and my EQ3-2 mount and camera lenses. The exposure details are as follows:


Heart & Soul Nebulae – 30 minutes total, 135mm lens at f3.5. (For a sense of scale, each component of the double has about the same apparent size as the full Moon.)

The Milky Way – 20 minutes with my kit lens at 18mm and f4.5.

Triangulum – 20 minutes, 135mm/f3.5 (cropped).

Veil Nebula – 10 minutes, 135mm/f3.5 (cropped).

North America & Pelican Nebulae – 12 minutes, 135mm/f3.5.

1 Minute Andromeda – a single 1 minute exposure using my 250mm zoom lens at f5.6. Cleaned it up with some noise reduction processing.


The rest were taken up here in Hertfordshire using my unmodded camera, a Canon 1100D:


The two Moon shots – taken with my 250mm zoom lens, cropped.

Pacman Nebula - 30 minutes at 135mm/f4.5.

Comet Jacques & Double Cluster – 26 minutes at 135mm/f4.5.