It is Dorr Danubia Sirius 150 + EQ3-2 complete as purchased new. Also 3 eye pieces including a Barlow and a Collimator. I have a Polarscope but it's for the EQ5 (it could be swopped). It has a power kit. There is an adaptor for  mobile photography and a Sony E lens camera adaptor.  Sony A6000 Camera are 'semi-pro' and very fast, also you can buy new for only £350 approx.  You won’t find better. I will supply a new Tool Box for all the bits. I have modified the tripod by fitting 'tape measures' to all three legs - it helps.  I am looking for £250.
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Roberta has some kit to sell:
Starwave 70 ED telescope in its black padded zipper suitcase £299 (£399 RVO) Celestron Regal Tripod  £129 (Amazon £173) 1.25” WA 17mm lens / eyepiece - £44.00 (£59.00 TS) 25% filter (#ND96-0.6) £5.00 (£8.49 Amazon) Celestron X-Cel LX 9mm lens/ eyepiece – fully multi-coated £52.00 (£69 Tring Astronomy) Opticron Imagic waterproof 10 x 50 binoculars £104.00 (£139 Tring Astronomy) That makes a total of £633.00 for the lot but Roberta would be happy to let it go as one package for £550.00. In virtually unused condition (only used at My Telescope Doesn’t Work session and haven’t had the time to use it since)
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John has this telescope for sale
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A Good Home Wanted HAG has been recommended to me by my colleague that you may know someone in your astronomical society interested in having my 8 inch f7 telescope. It is in need of some work to get it functional. It looks in a sorry state but this is only cosmetic! It is not in anyway portable as it would require a length of 4 inch steel pipe set in concrete to mount it, but all the bearings and drive motors are working. The mirror and flat are now slightly milky and will need resilvering at sometime but are in good condition. I cannot bring myself to dump it as it took a long time for me to build some 40 years ago. The tube is of galvanised steel with brass, bronze, stainless steel and aluminium fittings, no eye pieces or finder scope though! Can be collected from Dane End. Chris
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As it could be (was)
As it is (now)
Setting the mount
A bit of corrosion!

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